At the Etiquette and Protocol School, we believe that understanding and applying etiquette skills can be a key to success, whether in business or in social settings. Individuals and organizations need to polish and capitalize on these skills to gain a competitive advantage. Our mission is to help organizations use etiquette as a tool to achieve their organizational objectives, and to teach our students how knowledge and appreciation of proper etiquette can help them grow both as professionals and individuals.

We offer a number of programs that address all aspects of etiquette and protocol in today's world. We have worked with a wide variety of organizations, large and small. What sets our programs apart is:


  • We start by digging deep to understand each client's organization, including its value, mission, philosophy, culture, and personality.
  • We customize our program to fit the needs of each client and conduct it at the location of the client's choice.
  • We follow up after the program is finished to ensure that the program is achieving the client's objective.